Mirror of Shadows

Ella McKaye returns home for her grandmother's funeral to find she's inherited a ton of money and a run down mansion called Grey Manor she never knew existed. Her widowed mother is appalled that the money had been hidden from her and when the will stipulates Ella can't give her any of the inheritance she throws Ella out forcing her to live in the huge old mansion by herself.

Within minutes of entering her new home she has a strange interaction with a creepy old mirror in the main hallway and the ghostly inhabitants of the past get more and more agitated the longer Ella's there. Nearly fatal back to back accidents make Ella start to wonder if she's angered some ghost or is there something more sinister happening.

Will Ella unravel the nefarious mystery before she becomes a ghost herself? Or will fate take another one of the Grey ancestors to the grave.


4.0 out of 5 stars A good story February 14, 2013

By CentralEast2

Format:Kindle Edition

When Ella's grandmother dies, she is left a great inheritance, but it comes with the stipulation that she is unable to give it away. Her mother is not happy with this regulation and since Ella cannot share her inheritance, Ella's mother forces her to leave and go and live in Grey Manor, the mansion that she has inherited. Ella's mother doesn't make the best of choices in the book and becomes a little predictable. This book is a quick read and is interesting enough to be a page turner. I would recommend this book. I received this book free to review.

5.0 out of 5 stars Good story! September 10, 2012

By Brenda L. Barton

Format:Kindle Edition

I got this book free on BookRooster and I really enjoyed it. It was fast paced great charaters, but it was a quick read to quick. I recommend this book!

4.0 out of 5 stars A quick and light read February 12, 2013

By Jessica Fox

Format:Kindle Edition

I was expecting a stronger ghost angle but it was still an enjoyable read. The writing style is reminiscent of a Lifetime movie so I was able to have mood appropriate visuals to go with the narrative. Although for the most part the story was predictable there was just enough suspense to keep me reading.

I wish that the author had done a more balanced job on the support characters, I really got to know and like Marlin but still felt like I didn't quite understand Jeremy and the last couple of mentions in the story of Ella's mother didn't answer any questions and left me with new ones.

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for a review.

4.0 out of 5 stars Paranormal, mystery, and romance with an effective, fluid style, October 31, 2012


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This review is from: Mirror of Shadows (Kindle Edition)

Mirror of Shadows is a modern day paranormal mystery with a quasi-gothic feel. Recent college graduate Ella McKaye returns home suddenly because her beloved grandmother has passed away. Although devastated, Ella doesn't take much time to grieve as her grandmother has left her a handsome inheritance which includes an old, rundown home called Grey Manor.

Ella immediately moves into the very large home because her mother, Patricia, kicks her out in anger. A clause in the will prevents Ella from her giving or sharing money with her chronic alcohol and drug abusing mother.

With the guidance and recommendation of the kind family attorney, Marlin, who administers her trust, Ella hires a surly, mysterious handyman, Jeremy, and begins restoring the manor to its former grandeur. Ella insists that Jeremy stay in one of many extra bedrooms to accommodate a more rapid transformation of Grey Manor.

Twinges of feeling between Ella and Jeremy start almost immediately, but being the tough guy that he is, Jeremy acts disinterested and withdrawn. Within days of their co-habitation, another man appears in Ella's life; suddenly she finds herself in a love triangle of sorts with handyman Jeremy and much wealthier out-of-towner Matt.

In the midst of all these new relationships, Ella must also contend with a series of nightmares, all courtesy of a scary looking mirror in the hallway. Attempts at banishing the artifact all fail. The anxiety of the frightening dreams and visions are compounded by a series of accidents which has the male characters pointing fingers at each other. Luckily, Marlin is always around to help Ella back on her feet and sort things out, reminiscent of Batman's loyal aide, Alfred.

Ella is a smart, likeable protagonist, but she felt older, or at least more mature, than most recent college graduates. One picky observation . . . given the paranormal events, accidents and injuries she sustained, it was difficult to believe Ella was having routine romantic outings with Matt instead of nursing herself back to health.

T. Lynne Tolles is a good storyteller. Mirror of Shadows combines a lot of genres--paranormal, mystery, and romance--with an effective, fluid style.

The book is a fun, easy read that is easily completed in a leisurely afternoon. The plot has several aspects that keep the reader guessing. You may think you have it solved halfway through, but the author creates a few twists, thanks to the paranormal storyline, which make for a satisfying conclusion.

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